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2024-25 Organizational Goals (for conference booklet)

  • Purchase Sally II, a second tractor (with grapple and trailer) to enable chainsaw teams to more effectively move trees, limbs, and brush at worksites; and for other disaster response and community service applications.
  • Purchase a shower trailer, for use with disaster response volunteers in Southeastern District and in regional districts.
  • Find four Southeastern District congregationswilling to function as potential Volunteer Operations Center (VOC) sites, in event of nearby disaster.
  • Provide bunk, shower, and food service trailer hook-ups at four Southeastern District congregations as potential VOC sites (funding already provided at one congregation, with work to be completed soon).
  • Develop quarterly communique to Southeastern District volunteers interested in disaster response, and other interested parties.
  • Provide LERT training for fifty Southeastern District volunteers, and for all Southeastern District Circuit Visitors.
  • Develop online module for Part 1 of LERT training.
  • Provide Chainsaw Safety training for thirty Southeastern District volunteers, Trauma Medical training for forty Southeastern District volunteers, ractor/Grapple training for ten Southeastern District volunteers, and tow/hauling training for ten Southeastern District volunteers. Goal is to have volunteers trained in all four areas in all three Regions (Southern, Central, Northern) of the Southeastern District.