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Ways to Donate to Lutheran Servants for Christ

Thank you for considering a donation to Lutheran Servants for Christ! We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

  • Mobile App Giving Option

You can easily make a contribution through a mobile app. To get started, simply search for the orange “Givelify Mobile Giving App” in the App Store or Google Play to download the free app today. Then, by selecting Lutheran Servants for Christ (look for our orange and black logo in the locations listing), you can easily make donations directly from your smartphone using your debit/credit. You can securely and conveniently schedule one-time or recurring donations and review your giving history. Givelify keeps track of your donations and provides an end-of-year summary for your tax purposes.

  • Electronic Giving

You may schedule one-time or recurring donations online, using the Givelify platform. To learn more, visit . You will receive a tax acknowledgement to your email.

  • Check

Please message us at for mailing instructions if you would like to mail a check. We’ll send you a tax acknowledgement.

  • Other Options

Other sources include grants from the LCMS, the Southeastern District of the LCMS, and other LCMS Recognized Service Organizations. Your donations to the LCMS or Southeastern District disaster response categories often flow down to LSC to support our deployments, equipment purchase and maintenance, and operations.

A number of other giving formats are also available. For example, did you know that if you are over age 70 1/2 and taking a required minimum distribution from certain types of IRAs, you may be able to designate funds to LSC as a qualified charitable distribution? In addition, Thrivent members are able to allocate “Choice” dollars or Thrivent Action Grants to LSC! Email us with any questions at .

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”—Proverbs 11:25, ESV

How to Help

Want to get involved? Lutheran Servants for Christ is a 100% volunteer organization. We are looking for willing volunteers to help expand the Southeastern District’s disaster response capacity, and to enable our organization to meet 2024-25 goals.

Here’s a list of areas in which help is currently needed:

  • Serve as a member of LSC’s Transport Team
  • individuals able to drive personal or rental vehicles to transport relief supplies to disaster-impacted areas
  • individuals able to use personal ¾ ton trucks to move LSC equipment trailers to disaster sites
  • contact (TBD) for more information
  • Volunteer on LSC’s Assessment Team
    • individuals with experience in trades (or extensive disaster response experience)
    • individuals willing to be trained to carry out Level 1 and Level 2 assessments in disaster-impacted areas
    • contact Pastor Ed Grant (email) for more information
  • Assist with LSC’s Publicity Team
    • individuals with skills in graphic arts, website management, writing, photography
    • contact (TBD) for more information
  • Join LSC’s Ongoing Maintenance Team
    • individuals able to tackle routine maintenance tasks between disasters for tractors, trailers, and equipment owned by LSC
    • contact (TBD) for more information
  • Help out with installation of hook-ups at Southeastern District congregations (potential VOC sites)
    • individuals with experience in trades
    • contact (TBD) for more information
  • Talk to your pastor and congregational leaders about your church being a potential Volunteer Operations Center site, in event of nearby disaster, and having hook-ups installed — contact (TBD) for more information.
  • Have a conversation with your pastor and congregational leaders about developing a Mobile Food Ministry team in your church — contact Pastor Wayne Puls (wpuls@hopelutheranwforg) for more information.
  • Encourage your pastor and congregational leaders to consider having your church host training sessions (LERT, Chainsaw Safety, Trauma Medical, or Tractor/Grapple) for volunteers in your area – contact Deaconess Sally Hiller (email) for more information.

Financial Accounting

As a non-profit organization working to facilitate disaster response within the Southeastern District, Lutheran Servants for Christ relies upon donations and contributions from individuals, congregations, ministries, and organizations. All funds received are deeply appreciated, and will be utilized faithfully.

Lutheran Servants for Christ functions with two basic funds. Donations and contributions for these funds are welcome at any time.

LSC’s Disaster Response Fund is currently utilized to:

  1. Provide for general administrative costs of the organization (such as insurance; title and registration of equipment; website and publicity; legal fees; etc.); and
  2. Pay cost of preliminary deployment functions for disasters occurring within the Southeastern District (such as Volunteer Operations Center staff and setup; rental of essential equipment; etc.).

Note: LSC expenses for cost of preliminary deployment functions will normally be reimbursed by grants (Southeastern District, LCMS, etc.).

The Disaster Response Equipment & Fuel Expense Fund is currently utilized to:

  1. Purchase essential equipment for support of volunteers and teams from Southeastern District congregations responding to disasters occurring within the Southeastern District and in regional districts;
  2. Provide for ongoing maintenance for essential equipment items owned by Lutheran Servants for Christ;
  3. Cover fuel costs, as much as possible, for Southeastern District assessment teams, chainsaw teams, and other volunteers responding to disasters occurring within the Southeastern District and in regional districts;
  4. Pay installation costs for bunk, shower, and mobile feeding trailer hook-ups at Southeastern District churches (potential Volunteer Operations Center sites).